Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Learning to Live Again

Wow! What an inspirational story! Have you heard about this? A 52 year old woman has been able to feed herself with the use of a robotic arm developed by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. Think about that for a moment. Think about the struggle that life has been for this woman. She’s been a quadriplegic for nine years! Nine years! Most of us can’t imagine nine hours without the use of our limbs.

These really are interesting times we live in. Every day we learn about new advances in technology or medical science that are changing the way we live our lives. I for one am excited to be alive right now. Sure, we here the negatives: runaway global warming, an obesity epidemic, the spread of cancer and heart disease. But for every one of these challenges we face there is an answer, and humanity is up for the challenge.

Take cancer for example. Swedish Professor Magnus Essand has been able to produce amazing results in his laboratory in the war on cancer. What is so special about this man’s research? He has discovered that a simple virus can attack cancer cells from the inside – literally tearing them apart from the inside out! I want to caution these results are a long way from providing a practical cure for cancer in humans, but the results are promising. We live in exciting times!

The point is this; we really have the capability within all of us to improve the lives of everyone.  What we lack is the motivation. Far too many of us drudge through our daily lives with the opinion that there is nothing we can do to change things. Bull! Get off your derrière and do something about it. If we all contribute in our own little way, we really are in for very exciting times indeed!