Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Medical Miracles Inspiring Hope

We live in an age full of wondrous new ideas. What was science fiction twenty years ago is science fact today. Some of the most impressive examples of these have happened in the medical field. As we move through the twenty first century the pace of change is growing at an exponential rate. You start to wonder how far can we go? Is the medicine of Star Trek just around the corner? More and more evidence seem to point in that direction.

In a recent development, a study out of Japan has yielded promising results in the development of stem cell treatment. Japanese scientist have found by exposing blood cells to acid they can create stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to regenerate lost cells in the heart, the brain, the eyes, and just about any other cell in the body you can think of. Until now they have been largely found in fetuses, which has made their use controversial. This finding has the potential to change all that.

The potential applications for this procedure are staggering. These cells could help a damaged heart to regenerate itself. They could help the blind to see. Their applications are virtually limitless. I don't know how you feel about this, but this is the type of discovery that makes me believe there really is no limit to the bounds of human accomplishment! If you're looking for inspiration in life, this surely qualifies.

In another development it appears that cells taken from the eyes of the deceased may help the blind to see. While initial tests have only been performed on mice, they have provided astonishing results. In tests on blind mice, at least fifty percent of their vision has been restored. Imagine being able to make out the shape of a loved one after spending your life in darkness. Truly inspiring!

So are we approaching a time when the medical miracles seen on Star Trek are a reality. Evidence suggest we are. I envision a future where surgeons do not even have to cut their patients open to perform major surgeries. How would we do this? imagine thousands of tiny nanobots inserted into the blood stream in a needle. The surgeon would then be able to direct the nanobots using tiny cameras and a tablet computer. Doesn't sound that far fetched does it? This is the future we are moving towards. These truly are inspiring times! Let me know how you envision medicine of the future. I'd love to hear your ideas.