Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Grand Illusion

Tonight I saw a show at the casino in Niagara Falls Canada that simply blew my mind! It was an illusionist show. I've got to admit, until tonight I thought this type of show was nothing but simple parlour tricks - smoke and mirrors if you like. Indeed, there was plenty of that. But it was so much more. It was the kind of spectacle that makes you feel alive. Every intricate part was planned to the last detail. It had everything, from the simple to the majestic. It was a fine example of what the human mind can accomplish when we embrace our imagination.

Too often we lose sight of our imagination. We lose sight of those childhood fantasies that made us feel so alive! Adulthood is full of trials and tribulations, but we can hold on to a piece of that childhood wonder by embracing the opportunities around us. I can say with conviction  I intend to embrace every opportunity to maintain that youthful vigour. You should to.

How do you go about this? You live. It's that simple. Too often we accept our lot in life, and accept that what we see in front of our nose is all that there is. It's not. There is so much more. Life may be a grand Illusion, but we can choose to embrace every moment instead of allowing it to pass us by. I plan on making every moment count. Stop by the comments section and let me know how your living the grand illusion.