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Your SEO optimized title My pledge to those that read this blog is never to focus on the negative side of life. There are plenty of other sites where you can find these type of articles, in particular the major news sites. I want you to come here as a refuge, as a place to get away from the constant bombardment of stories telling you what's wrong with the world instead of what's right. Life is a difficult road for sure, we all need help navigating the potholes from time to time. I hope to be here to help, and in return I hope you can offer me a little inspiration as well. This is my pledge to you.

Going forward, I hope to provide you with inspiration and advice. Until now the main focus of this blog has been to offer inspiration to others. I hope to continue to do that, but, having given it considerable thought, I realized there are a lot of ways we can offer inspiration to others. Offering advice from our experiences can also help others to grow. Just because we've learned things the hard way, usually through trial and error, it doesn't mean others have to. I hope to use the experiences I've had with the potholes of life to help others navigate around them.

You might call this a relaunch of sorts, or just an expanded focus. I suppose it's both. I'm excited by the potential of this renewed focus. I hope you'll find the site worthwhile, and I can assure you I will always keep positive. This is my pledge to you.

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